Our wide experience within the industry enables us to provide the following services:

Development Management

As Development Managers we look to unlock the potential in a site. Whether it be finding new opportunities or revisiting existing ones, we will look to ensure that any investment is working hard to maximise returns.

We will undertake feasibility studies and support these with development appraisals to help develop and fine tune your strategic plan. We will bring together a team and manage the scheme through planning, procurement and delivery stages. Liaising with key stakeholders and keeping them informed along the way. Ensuring that on handover the development has achieved all its initial goals, and sometimes a few extra along the way.

Project Management

As Project Managers, we act in a lead role to professionally manage and steer the project to a successful conclusion.  We will plan, monitor and control all aspects of a project, motivating all those involved to achieve the client’s objectives on time and to the specified cost. We constantly strive for the highest quality and performance.

Principally we act as the bridge between our client and the contractor, design team and any other consultants employed on the project. We can also provide a more tailored service where clients already have in-house capabilities and require a more supporting role. To ensure that best value and the most successful solution for the project is provided.

Quantity Surveying

As Quantity Surveyors we act as independent cost advisors for our clients. We work with our clients to understand their requirements, and to ensure the very best value for money is achieved. 

We provide both pre and post contract services to provide financial control from start to finish. Our initial cost planning and cost control during the design stages will ensure that the scheme fits your requirements and budget prior to going to market. Whilst our on site valuations, monitoring and reporting will provide surity that value for money is provided during construction.

Construction Management

MBA Projects has a dedicated Construction Management (CM) Team. With the world of Main Contracting being volatile, a number of clients have used Construction Management as a way to procure the construction of the project. We are able to assess if CM is the right method, and supply the experienced management for the contract. Clients understand that being able to choose and appoint sub-contractors direct can have huge advantages.

PM/ for Insurance Services

Our experience of high end refurbishments ensures we are uniquely placed to act as Project Managers for claims to high end residencies. Traditional surveying firms do not always have experience of the materials, quality trades men and artisans required to complete quality and luxury finishes.

We have also managed some of the most complicated basements in London and understand the complex waterproofing issues that can arise. Our extensive knowledge of costs for this quality of work means we are able to recommend experienced contractors to complete any necessary repairs.


Project Monitoring

We provide Project Monitoring services for family or boutique funds for risk analysis and project verification during the whole process of development. Each Project Monitoring scope of services is tailored to the client’s specific requirement. Warehouse, industrial, commercial projects are included in our expertise.

Our extensive knowledge of costs for this quality of work means we are able to recommend experienced contractors to complete any necessary repairs.

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